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Idk why this is so funny to me lol

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OMG <|3

OMG <|3

i really dont . cause he is my better. hes the one that makes me the caring person i am. he keeps me holding onto things. he makes me believe that giving up isnt a option. 

yes, im hurt. i love him to death & hes forcing me to give up on him.

Someone that i never wanted to lose . Someone that i do everything for. LEFT ME.

like i was nothing. like i didnt even matter. & im suppose to sit here and act like im fine when hes around but once hes gone im breaking down crying my eyes out cause the thought of someone else having him. touching him. kissing him. hugging him. it kills me so much inside. 

just the fact that he calls someone else babe kills me. its just a word but it hurts cause i was that person being called babe. being loved. being affectionate towards. 

its hard to explain why i put up with the stuff i did. 

This isnt no regular break up. i still have to see him all the time because hes the father of our kid. i cant just erase him outta my life. hes gna be apart of me for the rest of my life. and i will never get over him. yeah i might move on doubt it but if i do. ill still love him in every single way i do now.

Lets take it back to the day when we first met . <|3

was crying. sleeping. crying. sleeping. crying. i havent cried all day in so long…

if he doesnt come home tonight ill know that we’re over for good.

i just hope he packs his stuff and leave. wish him the best.

cause it obviously wasnt with me

I can honestly say they are the love of my life, my everything, my world <3